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This is a small, just begun and never fully told story About us – the people who, with words, experience or advice, wrote the pages of this site, and write them in a big way, through the experience of people who show their trust every day…


Natasa Predic

Natasa embarked on her marketing journey at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. Since then, she has dedicated herself to uncovering consumer and client needs, wants, and behavior patterns. Her career commenced in the heart of the corporate arena, where she refined her skills in marketing and management. She worked for various international companies as well as small and medium enterprises, providing her with extensive experience and a nuanced understanding of different organizational types.

Throughout her professional journey, Natasa has come to understand that being a business professional involves more than just climbing the ladder of success. It is a process of embracing challenges, learning from failures, and evolving as an individual.

Natasa’s mission is to demystify the world of business, sharing her knowledge and insights with others. She aims to provide guidance that can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and success.



Ana Atanaskovic

Ana is a writer, journalist, and content creator. She graduated in English language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and her masters studies were on “Marketing in Literature”. So far, she has published six books, four of which are novels and two collections of stories. Novels are historical fiction with strong emotions and stories about Belgrade. The last two novels were published by the big publishing houses Blic and Laguna. The current novel in Laguna (“My Love Nikola Tesla”) is about Katherine Johnson, the woman who loved Nikola Tesla the most. 

As a journalist, she wrote for eminent magazines, such as ELLE, Sensa, Lepota&Zdravlje, Illustrated Politics, as well as portals (Kaldrma). She is currently writing texts about literature for the website Infoprevodi and essays about Belgrade for the Cultural Supplement of “Politika”. 

She also worked as a content creator for various companies and marketing agencies. The novel about Catherine and Tesla was translated into Macedonian and English.


Zorana Pejković Dragić

Zorana is a philologist holding a  degree in literature and the Serbian language. She cultivated and deepened her passion for her field through extensive engagement with students, guiding them to autonomously and creatively explore new knowledge. Serving as a curator and expert associate for literature and culture at a museum, she found a highly conducive environment for the advancement of her commitment to the written word. With an extensive portfolio, she has proofread numerous books, texts, professional papers, and web content. Presently, she works as a proofreader and actively pens articles on the Serbian language and books that have left a lasting impact on her. 


Katarina Stamenković

With 18 years of experience in human resources and sales, Katarina began her career in 2005 at LILLY drogerie, quickly advancing to the role of Director of Human Resources in 2007, overseeing a broad spectrum of HR activities and conducting over 8,000 candidate interviews. A qualified economist, she stays abreast of HR trends through continuous education and certifications, including completing the Academy of Managerial Skills and the Academy of Commercial Communication, as well as becoming certified as a trainer for the “Points of You” tool. Since 2016, she has served as a Senior HR Consultant at D.R. Gilbert group/HR professional solution, later becoming Executive Director in 2019, where she adds value to numerous companies. In 2023, she founded HR HaRmony solutions to further her mission of supporting individuals, businesses, and communities. Katarina is known for her adept interpersonal skills, systematic approach, dedication, and passion for her work.


Ana Radisic

Ana is an English-speaking psychologist whose desire is to help clients strengthen their emotional well-being, gain insight into triggers and reactions, and acquire the necessary tools to be in control of their lives.

With vast international experience in the USA and Europe (Serbia), Ana strives for culturally sensitive, responsive, and humble therapy. She firmly believes that clients have the capacity to create beautiful, long-lasting change. Over the years, Ana has learned that challenging oneself mentally, emotionally, and physically ultimately leads to a life filled with meaningful relationships. When you’re willing to examine yourself, much is revealed. She integrates therapy models supported by the latest research and decades of empirical evidence, including Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Ana utilizes various methods adapted to clients’ problems and individual goals, drawing on techniques from gestalt, schema therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, Jungian depth psychology, and more.


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