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Our Marketplace is your gateway to a multitude of expertise. With a range of professionals at your disposal, each excelling in their respective fields, we provide a comprehensive solution to address your needs. Explore our Marketplace and connect with the experts who can help you navigate your personal and professional endeavors with confidence and proficiency.

Business Consulting

Natasa Predic is passionate about helping businesses turn challenges into opportunities for growth. She is renowned for her “Make It Happen” approach. Her dedication to execution excellence sets her apart as a consultant who not only devises strategies but ensures their successful implementation.

She is proven in Innovation – launched over 200 new products; Project and Budget lead – in time and within plan; Operations – coordination of cross functional teams; Customer Centric – understanding market and finding competitive advantages for the specific niche. Her expertise lies in crafting strategic marketing solutions that adapt to changing landscapes, just as the ancient art of Kintsugi repairs broken pottery with gold, making it more beautiful and valuable.

One time brainstorming session available.


Content Writing

Ana Atanaskovic offers a diverse range of writing services, specifically tailored to enhance your brand and captivate your audience. From creating personalized content spanning blogs, product launches, and travelogues to crafting unique, personal stories for birthdays, weddings, or special gifts – for example, you can gift the magic of imagination through our personalized children’s books.

Ana helps unlock creativity through individually tailored writing courses designed for both children and adults. Additionally, she is open to freelance journalism, ghostwriting, and essay writing opportunities. Ana engages in all of these because she passionately loves writing and has found her Ikigai in it.



Ana Radisic is psychologist in private practice. Ana views the therapeutic process as a collaborative journey between therapist and client. Through compassion, warmth, and curiosity, she provides a safe environment for clients to explore the factors that hinder growth and perpetuate feeling stuck. Her hands-on and holistic approach will aid in the journey towards facilitating a higher sense of self-awareness. By strengthening your emotional wellbeing, gaining insight into your triggers and reactions, and disrupting unhealthy patterns you can develop and maintain fulfilling relationships, sustain personal growth, and gain an authentic acceptance of self.

Ana’s specialties include Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Partnership Issues, and Stress Management.


Career Coaching

With nearly two decades of experience in human resources, Katarina Stamenković provides support to small and medium-sized enterprises in establishing structured systems and enhancing interpersonal relationships. Services include creating company missions, visions, and values, ensuring compliance with legal regulations, recruitment and selection, onboarding of new employees, career development planning, psychological testing, assessment of key personnel, seminars, performance evaluation frameworks, and team-building events.

Emphasizing trust, loyalty, and a collaborative approach, our strategy aims to achieve shared success and elevate businesses to new heights.


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