Be the change you want to see

It’s never too late to start living the life you want. If, at some point, you realize you’re not fulfilled, happy, and satisfied, listen to your inner feelings. They will guide you on how you truly feel and what steps you should take. Remember, these feelings can be momentary, so take the time to be sure of your desires. Don’t hastily abandon something that might just be in an adjustment phase. Give everything its due time, but not more than what suits you. Once you’ve made a decision, commit to it and do your best to make it work. However, if the process becomes torturous and unfulfilling, be ready for change. Always strike a balance between patience and decisive action.

People are often insufficiently mature and responsible; they avoid putting effort into relationships, changes, or projects. True success demands dedication, sacrifice, and hard work. In today’s world, where everyone seeks ease, speed, and fun, people risk losing their essence in the pursuit of constant action. Like searching for Pokemons, they lose touch with reality and true values.

Nothing is forever, and our task is to make the most of it while it lasts. Life, like a river, has its slow, calm, and fast moments with waves crashing against rocks. Problems may seem intractable, but it’s often a matter of perception. There’s a solution for every problem, maybe not as imagined, but everything works out eventually. Life changes like seasons, and after the rain, the sun always shines. Embrace change, adapt to the situation, and overcome the fear of failure, the unknown, and change.

Children are a genuine treasure—uncorrupted, tactless, and fearless, progressing rapidly. In a training session, children, managers, and assistants solved a puzzle. Children, unburdened by impressions, used trial and error intuitively. Managers, trying to make an impression, theorized about the solution. When assistants joined, combining story and result, they achieved better outcomes. Children recognize bad people, speak their minds, and remain direct even as they grow up.

Why waste time on what doesn’t interest, fulfill, or make you happy? The fear of change is life’s main brake because every change brings uncertainty. But what if you succeed and exceed your wildest dreams? Freedom is within us; no one else can give it to us if we deny it to ourselves.

The dream for many is to secure a future and be happy and free. Once achieved, many stop and enter cocoons, spending their lives asleep. They become prisoners, supposedly free yet unwilling to change. They turn into satisfied shadows of former enthusiasts, occasionally reminiscing about their youthful, adventurous days. Even memories fail to awaken the urge to reassess themselves and their world.

Such people die satisfied with a life lived for a short time because their life lasted only until they were satisfied. Pleasure is relative, like happiness or sadness, peace, or excitement.

What is freedom for a person if not utilized or understood, if confined to a mere word? With freedom, strive for something beyond pleasure—something permanent, sublime, and beautiful. I want freedom, and I want to live.