Form or essence

Style reflects self-respect. Attitude towards clothing speaks about how much you value yourself or whether you have a bit of “gay” genes. Like it or not, people are visual types – especially men, and the aesthetic moment matters to them. That’s why women become trophies who dedicate a large part of their lives to beautifying themselves. It is superficial, but it lasts for centuries. Over time, their relationship changes, in the sense that each has a separate intimate life, but it doesn’t bother them to be together. It’s all about psychology and expectations from life. A partnership is always an exchange – she wants his money, status, and security, and he wants her beauty, youth, and shallowness. Many men don’t like dominant and strong women. Again, it’s natural for the man to be the Alpha and the provider. When he sits at home and doesn’t contribute, there’s almost always a desire to physically dominate. Few men can tolerate an equal relationship. And that’s the best and most stable relationship. Again, it comes down to respect and confidence in one’s own strength. A great person has no need to humiliate another person. Only insecure and hurt people do that.

I’m not someone who enjoys spending time beautifying myself. It seems like a waste of time and unnatural to me. French women don’t groom themselves every day – they all look “casual and natural,” but they can shine for an evening outing. That transformation is important. Of course, you need to have a foundation i.e., a fit body, without excess around the waist and thighs, and beautiful eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the soul – that’s an incredible truth. They showed a group of women only the faces of criminals and “random” people, and they flawlessly identified the criminals – because of their eyes. Some have sad eyes, some sparkling, some cheerful. Eyes speak too. When I was a child, my mom just looked at me, didn’t say anything, and I knew what she was thinking and what I should do or stop doing. Later, when you’re in love, it shows in your eyes. What’s worse, others see it too. “A cough and love cannot be hidden.”

So, next time – look deeply into your partner’s eyes and you’ll know if they still love you.

Today it’s very easy to discover what kind of person someone is – just follow their posts on social media. Some even love social media so much that they’ll disqualify you if you’re not active online. For heaven’s sake, you’re not utilizing all the advantages of modern society! For heaven’s sake, you don’t realize what psychological trap you’re in if you’re dependent on online content! So, be careful what you write and do, because everything posted on the internet can be found, even if you use limited sharing with acquaintances. Off the record, doesn’t exist anymore. There are many curious people who feed on information from others’ lives. They constantly compare and gossip about you. What’s the point? Everyone lives their life as it’s meant for them, in accordance with their character, affinities, fears, and desires.