We Are Human, and We Must Remain So

“A good mood is created by good deeds if you make others happy without expecting anything in return.”

We are all born alone and die alone. The life in between is shared with people we care about (or who become less dear over time). Sometimes it hurts when a certain person leaves your life, and sometimes you feel relief. Different people will have different impacts on your life and your decisions. It’s all part of the process of personality development. I know, we don’t need all the lessons and all the bad people who cross our path. But everything happens for a reason. The key word is “endure.” Preserve your dignity and inner peace – that is the ultimate goal. You must be in harmony with yourself to be satisfied. Only if you have your micro-universe, which suits you and pleases you, can you be truly happy. For this, you need to know yourself and your desires well.

Paradoxically, even in modern times, with all the numerous and facilitating possibilities for establishing and maintaining contacts, loneliness remains a dominant phenomenon in society. People feel insecure and betrayed (both privately and professionally), leading to bad moods, withdrawal, and turning inward. A reduction in contacts and gradual desocialization inevitably occurs when people become disillusioned, because – “once bitten by a snake, you’re even afraid of a lizard.” However, we all react differently: some remain silent and endure insults, continuing to feel bad; some try to escape into their own world, isolating themselves and falling into the arms of addiction to food, drink, or something even more serious; some try to change their environment but with the same illusion and spiral of disappointment; some select a small number of reliable friends and strengthen themselves as independent and mature, self-sustaining individuals. I recommend the last option, but we all know that it’s not a rule you will just adopt simply because someone told you it’s best for you. Maybe you don’t know how to leave, maybe you don’t want to leave, maybe you can’t leave…

If you have to stay in an environment that doesn’t suit you, look for another one, and in the meantime, try your best to preserve yourself. Because nothing will matter if you crumble inside due to a toxic environment and negative influences. The negative vibrations of bad people are the most dangerous thing you can be exposed to – they kill slowly, and gradually, and you even get used to them, until they completely disable you from laughing wholeheartedly.

“A person cannot choose the time in which they will be born and live, they don’t decide from which parents or from which nation they will be born, but they do decide how they will act in the given time, whether as a human or inhuman, regardless of the nation and parents. Never forget that evil is short-lived and only seemingly successful and glamorous. Therefore, nothing should be based on evil, cunning, or deceit, especially not life. If everyone adhered to love, this earth would be paradise. But if everyone adhered to at least that which is a little less than love – for love is the bond of perfection – if everyone adhered to the principle of treating others as you wish to be treated, and not doing to others what you don’t want done to yourself, then the earth, if not exactly a paradise, would be close to it.” Patriarch Pavle