Are you living your life in accordance with your true self?

I believe that “man is the maker of his happiness.” Many factors help or hinder you in this endeavor, but ultimately, you are the one who bears the entire burden, but also the entire beauty of carrying your own life. A person can only be what they are. That is my destiny – to fight and oppose injustice, at any cost. The good thing is that I believe in a happy ending. No matter how difficult it may be at certain moments, my faith that better days are coming sustains me. It gives me strength and motivation… But what if the best days have passed? What if the phase we are currently in is a downward phase with no prospect of improvement? Then one should be grateful for all the beauty that has happened up to that point. Yes, simply being grateful, and that is empowering… I have already achieved a lot in life. I have both beautiful and ugly memories. Of course, I would erase the ugly ones (but I can’t, they will fade over time on their own), but they exist in my memory for a reason. Probably everything that has happened to me, both good and bad, has influenced who I am now, where I am, and how I view the world around me. Everything has its reasons. We don’t see them right away, but when time passes and we overcome the problem in a harder way, but – that’s life, let’s accept it as it is – imperfect.

I am the main character in my life story. You can only live your own life and no one else’s. That’s what needs to be understood and acted upon accordingly. In an airplane, when acquainting you with safety procedures, they will explain that you should first put the oxygen mask on yourself, then assist fellow passengers. It’s the same in life: first, sort out your own life, and find balance and purpose so you can be of use to others – professionally and personally. And know, only a few people will genuinely care about you and for you when times are tough. That’s when you’ll see who your true friends are. Yes, it’s nicer and easier when you’re surrounded by friends, family, close people… However, what is most important is that you must be capable of surviving on your own. You must be able to rely on yourself, and then on others. Of course, this cannot be learned just like that if you don’t already have it within you and were not raised and educated in that direction. If someone else does things for you throughout your life that you should be doing, if you always have a shoulder to cry on, you won’t suddenly become independent and self-sufficient. Every parent’s goal is to raise an independent child. However, most make mistakes, giving in to their children out of great love, not realizing that they are doing them a disservice. By being overly protective, parents unconsciously (or consciously) shape individuals who will depend on others for their entire lives and be destined to play the role of victims, which they will fit into perfectly.

Something will always be lacking in your life. If, thank God, you don’t lack health and the love of your loved ones, you will care about material things: you will need more money for what can be bought with money. Most think, ‘It’s best to be a wealthy heiress.’ True, it’s much easier when you have a “golden parachute” and don’t have to save money for a “rainy day” because you have too much of it. You’re relaxed, you can take risks and enjoy life if you know how. However, there is also another side of the coin. The wealthy have a completely different perception of the world and a different attitude towards others compared to the rest of us. They often find it difficult to bear the burden that wealth and a glamorous life carry. The question is whether their parents transferred knowledge about true values to them and to what extent (if they did, chasing wealth, did they even have the time and knowledge for it). They are often surrounded by the wrong people, fake friends, who just want to be part of the jet set. They find it difficult to find sincere partners for whom their money will not be the most important thing. In such circumstances, everything easily loses its meaning. That is why it is important to have sincere relatives and friends who will not always agree with you and who will criticize you when necessary. They will help you stay grounded and self-aware. None of us is perfect. There are no perfect people, only perfect combinations. And that should be accepted. A person can be happy with little material wealth if they are spiritually fulfilled and live following themselves. Often trends dictate how we should look, what we should wear, where we should go out, and how much we should earn – all of this creates unrealistic and unnecessary expectations, and we unconsciously (or consciously) lose ourselves in this race.

“A happy person needs little, not a person who has a lot.”