How to assess a person?

Understanding human psychology and recognizing character is the essence of sustainable relationships.

  • Can you read people?
  • Can you influence them?
  • Can you tolerate them and at what cost?

What one should learn is to tolerate the flaws of partners and colleagues. People often fall in love with the external characteristics of a person, and then when they discover the true character, they are eventually disappointed (because they were enchanted). Therefore, one should be realistic, see all flaws and virtues, and accept the person as a whole. If one succeeds in that, then happiness is guaranteed. Love turns into respect. That is the recipe for a long-lasting relationship.

Friendships should not be put to the test. Few are the people who will help you without expecting something in return. Generally, the rule is not to expect much from people, and only in that way can you avoid feeling betrayed. What many overlook is the difference in people’s priorities – everyone always starts from themselves and projects that image onto others.

The golden rule is “never make assumptions”.

Those who crave material wealth will suffer and will do anything to achieve it. In fact, they become slaves to their desires. This is often a life in a golden cage. However, those who crave spiritual wealth do not care about lies and superficiality, nor can they be swayed from the right path. Such a person is above all free because they do not depend on others.

Don’t forget – it’s not necessary for everyone to love you; a few should love you little by little, and only one is enough.