How to Move Forward After Being Laid off?

“There is no one indispensable.” Indeed, it can be done, but the outcome is quite different. Knowledge and information can be communicated, but wisdom cannot. It must be found and lived in…

What happens after an unjust and unfair dismissal? When you get fired, you actually gain the freedom of choice. However, many are caught off guard and don’t know what to do next. This is an opportunity for exploration and personal growth, to harness the power of a “new beginning” and “re-launch yourself.” One option is to be hurt, sad, and passive. You turn away and leave. You then allow yourself a period of sadness and mourning, cry if you need to and if it makes you feel better, and hope that the bad experience will soon be left behind and forgotten, while the hope that another door will soon open keeps you optimistic and restores your lost energy. Another option is to be active and fight against injustice. By fighting and not accepting injustice, you prevent evil from spreading. What happened to you is not mere coincidence; it happens to everyone, it’s just a matter of time and situation. Whether you will have the strength to fight after disappointment, experienced injustice, and sadness depends on you. Which option you choose (one easier, the other difficult and uncertain) depends on individual factors: which life stage you are in, whether you have support, whether you have the strength and time to face it, whether you want it after everything, and whether, ultimately, it is worth your effort, commitment, and stress.

When I stopped working, regardless of how the whole situation initially affected me, I felt great relief. The stress accumulated and successfully suppressed over the years gradually disappeared in stages until I felt lighter and carefree about all the lies, hypocrisy, deceit, manipulation, and illogicalities I was forced to endure. Surely, someone has told you that you should be grateful for everything that happens in your life… This “wisdom,” if heard when you experienced some defeat, probably sounded like orthodox nonsense and an irritating remark. However, some things are simply inexplicable, and it eventually turns out that not everything is as it initially seems – we just need patience and time to realize that. When, after a while, I came to the revelation that the dismissal was not actually a bad thing for me (although the injustice still hurt and justice should be served), I felt harmony and peace, both inside and out. My face was no longer frowning and tense, my eyes became brighter, I was no longer tense and under pressure – I relaxed. The positive change was so visible in me that even others, even those who did not know me well, noticed it. At the bank counter, a woman who has known me for years asked: “You look great, what happened?” “I stopped working,” I replied, and heard a completely logical response: “Well, it seems to suit you.” And she was right, it did suit me to get away from everything that had burdened me for a long time. Very often, by inertia, you do what is expected of you, and you don’t notice that you are deteriorating both mentally and physically. Then, suddenly, you experience an “awakening” and realize that it is not for you and that you need to change something: either your attitude or your environment. And don’t worry, nothing in life lasts forever, neither good nor bad. Everything will pass. You just need to be strong and endure the “dark days.”

After twenty years of working, I found myself back on the market as a freelancer, fighting for a new position. But now it takes a long time – whether because of age, or experience, or the strange circumstances surrounding my departure from the last story, or the pandemic… I am no longer sure if I want it, or if I will find a company that will recognize my quality and truly uphold the values I believe in. What I am facing (like most people my age) is often being “too”: too experienced, overqualified, too expensive… But – I am not a person who easily gives up. Churchill said: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Do you know how KFC was created? Harland Sanders became an entrepreneur because he believed in his idea and had the strength to realize it: he became a cook in his forties when he created a unique recipe for frying chicken with eleven spices, started a franchise business in his sixties when he got one “yes” after a thousand refusals. Yes, persistence and self-confidence are crucial traits for success.