Life is what happens while you’re making other plans

You surely remember how, as children, we imagined what we would be when we grew up. Teacher, doctor, pilot, police officer, firefighter… In our imagination, we chose professions that, based on our immediate environment and stories from adults, were familiar or known and seemed humane and interesting. No one dreamed of “forbidden” or immoral jobs, but unfortunately, some oriented their future towards exactly that. Over time, the vision of the ideal future profession has changed significantly. Due to a drastically collapsed value system, role models for young generations have become politicians, celebrities, influencers, and reality show participants… Plenty of money with little effort, or colloquially – “bread without effort”. Corporations have exploited this degrading change in the consciousness of young people, offering a huge number of enticing benefits. Above-average financial compensation, bonuses, company cars, travel, international exchanges, private health insurance, opportunities for professional development, and the application of acquired knowledge and experience – more than enough reason to “sell your soul to the devil”. Raised in a materialistically oriented world, eager for affirmation and a comfortable life, the “young hopes” are ready to endure working overtime, endless and meaningless meetings, pressure due to short deadlines, joining cliques, engaging in politics, prohibition of individuality, and thinking outside the allowed framework, forgetting in the process that external symbols of success cannot compensate for the loss of inner shine.

In such a business environment, people gradually “burn out” because they do not enjoy working under constant stress and pretending to be what they are not. The ultimate stage of this moral decadence is the realization that you have “burned out” and become an “empty shell”, and that doesn’t bother you at all because you have stopped feeling and empathizing.

I never imagined nor wanted to be a corporate cog working from 9 to 5. However, that’s what I became. I had the pleasure of working in my field, although unfortunately, that’s a rarity in this country. Most people never fulfill what they studied for. Many of my colleagues started some temporary job after graduation, and then the temporary job became permanent. Perhaps people are afraid of change and taking a new step, and they don’t want to exchange security for uncertainty, even though their first choice is not the best solution for them, and they know it very well. It’s easier for them to get used to everything they don’t like than to step into the unknown. The possibilities that arise after leaving the comfort zone are numerous and provide an opportunity for a step-by-step ascent, which only the brave and persistent can overcome and extract maximum value from. However, it is impossible (or nearly impossible) to constantly progress – that’s what the stairs are for, for a break, rest, pause, a period of stability and security, which will preserve our energy and strengthen us for new endeavors and successes.

However, leaving a job that doesn’t fulfill you and stepping onto new ground doesn’t mean that you will be satisfied and that you will be able to progress unhindered according to your merits. It will just be more bearable for you because you’re doing a job you love and that challenges you. Countless obstacles hinder progress on a professional level. The consumerist mentality has killed the human in people. Hence lies, hypocrisy, deceit, tricks… From such a reality, people become sick, but – to make matters even sadder – they still crave success and advancement. This is a global trend today, to which I don’t see an end…

“From being to becoming…” Over time, we become the result of our life choices.