Self Quest and Self Acceptance

“Man, know yourself.”

It doesn’t sound complicated, but it is – this might be one of the hardest things to do in life: knowing and accepting what are and how big the possibilities are, and living following that knowledge. That is the key to a happy life. Because – most frustrations come from excessive expectations – from other people, from ourselves, from work, from life… If our expectations are not met, we become disappointed, and that is a mood in which many do not cope well and fall under the influence of negative thoughts. All these are trials that we must accept and overcome, like passing levels in video games. However, in real life, we cannot “start the game” from scratch, but we continue, with all previous experiences. The only thing we can somewhat influence is – the end. It doesn’t matter how you started, but how you will finish the game. When everyone doubts, it is still most important to believe in yourself. And only exceptionally strong personalities can do that.

I believe that each of us is destined for a mission in this world. Whether you will accomplish it or not depends on several factors and circumstances, but patience and perseverance are crucial. When you are not sure about your decisions and choices, listen to your heart and follow your instincts. Do not limit yourself, circumstances and other people will do that for you anyway. Strive to always move forward, no matter what is holding you back. Life is full of ups and downs, everyone’s is like that and there is no reason yours should be different; you just have to accept it as it is – beautiful in its imperfection. It happens to all of us to give a lot, expect a lot, and receive little. And that’s life. The most important thing is to learn a lesson from everything you experience, whether it’s good or bad, which will be useful to you in the future. These are very important life lessons that make you a better and stronger person.

Everything happens for a reason (which you don’t know at that moment, of course) and when it’s supposed to happen, even though for you it might be the wrong moment. You will get some answers when the time comes, probably when you least expect them, not when you most wish for them. So, surrender and relax. I suffered a lot because things didn’t happen as I wanted them to when I wanted them to. It took me time to realize that everything falls into place – we are just not the ones who determine when and how that will be.

He who waits – achieves.