No Pressure, No Diamonds

FREUD: Before you think you’re DEPRESSED, check if you’re surrounded by IDIOTS!

I’m particularly sensitive to those who spread negative energy and kill optimism, whether consciously or unconsciously. As a child, in such situations, I would fidget and want to leave but would stay out of politeness. Even as adults, we stay out of politeness, but also because we have to… It is senseless and exhausting for the psyche to listen to and endure negative stories and actions that drain energy. But sometimes, you simply have to. Everything falls apart when it becomes unbearable for your body, and you start feeling even physical pain with every encounter with the source of dissatisfaction. You need to be brave and leave! Nothing is stopping you except fear. There is always another, better way. They say depression is focusing on past events you wish you could change, and anxiety is about the future, over which you have no control. To avoid using pills for artificial mood improvement, avoid, as much as possible, environments that mentally drain you, take away your energy, and demotivate you, and manage your problems because only you can do that best.

  1. Write down what bothers you (describe the problem – illness, person, job…);
  2. Define your emotions (fear, anger, dissatisfaction, dejection, disappointment…);
  3. Consider three possible scenarios (optimistic, realistic, pessimistic) and analyze each separately;
  4. Propose solutions and be aware of the risks for each scenario;
  5. Then make a choice without fear of making a mistake because every choice you make is yours, hence – the right one.

All people are unique and authentic because they go through their specific life paths. Whether you become a diamond or graphite (both made of carbon) depends on how you are formed. A diamond is created under conditions of high temperature and pressure, which exist only about one hundred sixty kilometers deep; it is extremely hard and cannot be damaged. Graphite, on the other hand, is so soft that it can be used for writing (if we compare it to people – spineless, slimy). So, when you are under pressure, you are on your way to becoming a gem. If you are in a difficult moment in life, understand that it is 1) temporary, and 2) magnificent (if you survive). No pressure, no diamonds. Everything in life passes, both good and bad – and if you survive – you become strong as a diamond (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). So, move forward bravely and don’t look back. Unless you want to give a smile.

Everyone’s life has its ups and downs. The amplitude of life shows you that you are alive and taking risks. You fall in love and fall out of love, you enter a new business and go bankrupt, your loved ones get sick and get well… All of this is normal, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…